The Wand® STA

A gentler approach to care

The Wand® is a computer-controlled STA (single-tooth anesthesia) delivery system, which offers a more comfortable alternative to conventional injections for getting a tooth numb before a dental procedure. Using a computer-assisted platform for the delivery of local anesthesia, The Wand controls both the injected flow rate and pressure of the anesthetic as it is being provided for a more accurate, consistent, and painless patient experience.

In addition to offering a less intimidating and pain-free approach to the delivery of local anesthesia, The Wand eliminates the lingering numbness of the tongue, lips, and face that typically follows dental procedures performed with conventional syringe injections. 

With the provision of painless as well as rapid onset single tooth anesthesia, this technology significantly reduces patient anxiety, thereby making dental work a more positive and comfortable experience. In the presence of rapid onset local anesthesia and the absence of collateral numbness, the Wand allows dentists to perform bi-lateral dental procedures that would otherwise require extra visits.